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Weekend and Monday writing log - angbwild

Aug. 18th, 2014 03:06 pm Weekend and Monday writing log

So this is for both today which scores up to
Editing: 30 minutes Mr. F. Ch1 Sc4 - retyped most of scene.

Weekend Aug 16 & 17

New Fiction: 1003 (Reflections)


Not sure about time but loaded Reflections and Liddy and Sam into Scrivener and started breaking it up.

1 hrs = Ch1, Sc 3- dialogue highlight and woring into scene.

Bettering Craft - Read one chapter in Edit yourself into print (30 min)

**Goal for this week: Still need to finish loading my other projects and ideas into Scrivener so that they are all in one place.
Also, need to set backup so that nothing is lost. Dropbox or Sugarsynch?

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